Implement an Organization-Wide Communication Skills Strategy

Is your institution ready to raise the bar system-wide? Pathfinder is your portal to excellence. Target systems change, implement improvements in communication skill, and optimize workflow integration.

While your palliative care service sees patients with the most complex needs, the fact is that creating organizational excellence means all clinicians must be able to better communicate with seriously ill patients about their goals and care priorities.

Every good clinical communications strategy needs these four essential components:

  1. Embed clinical communication experts

    Steer the organization’s serious illness communication strategy. Deliver in-house training in core communication skills to all clinicians across the organization who see seriously ill patients. Provide on-the-ground coaching to help clinicians deal with complex cases.

  2. Implement organization-wide communication skills training

    Ensure standardized communication skills and competencies for all physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and others treating seriously ill patients and their families. Enable high-quality communication about goals, values, priorities.

  3. Implement systems and workflow integration

    Identify your seriously ill patients. Trigger initial conversations about goals, care priorities, prognosis and treatment options when patients need them. Capture these conversations in the EHR and ensure that information can be easily found. Identify who on the care team (non-palliative care specialists) is responsible for having these conversations. Measure the impact.

  4. Ensure a strong palliative care service

    Address the needs of the organization's most complex, seriously ill patients (who need specialist-level palliative care), and support the frontline clinicians who treat them, by providing your palliative care team with technical assistance focused on building and strengthening the palliative care service.

If you would like to discuss customized systems implementation, including the Implementation Collaborative,  please contact Ariadne Labs.