Do you want to become an institutional—or a national—educator and leader? Pathfinder is your portal to the training you need to improve communication skills across your organization.

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Take an in-person, intensive course

VitalTalk Faculty Development Program

This intensive four-day, train-the-trainer faculty development program is for clinicians already trained in VitalTalk’s Mastering Tough Conversations. Clinicians who complete this course will join a national cohort of VitalTalk faculty. The goal is to use your expertise to train clinicians within your institution, or across the country. The course is separated into two sessions. The first two-day workshop gives clinicians deep preparation for using core skills in their own practice. Three to six months later, after practicing and reflecting on the new skills, there is a follow-up two-day workshop on how to run Mastering Tough Conversations courses at home organizations. Both sessions are mandatory to graduate.

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Faculty Development

Serious Illness Conversation Guide: Train the Trainer

This two-day, in-person train-the-trainer course, created jointly by VitalTalk and Ariadne Labs, is for communication experts who will be training clinicians in their organization on how to use the Serious Illness Conversation Guide. The Guide is a structured tool for conducting conversations with seriously ill patients about their goals, priorities, and care preferences. Organizations use the Guide across specialties and practice sites to ensure that all clinicians have a clear framework for setting up, conducting, and documenting high-quality conversations. When implemented as part of a systems-level approach to improving communications, the Guide can ensure that conversations happen more often and earlier in the illness trajectory, and achieve better outcomes for patients, families, and health care systems.

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Build communication training into an organizational strategy

Make the case to organization leadership

Care Transformation Through Communication Skills Training and Systems Change

This slide deck explores the evidence and makes a strong case for the investment in communication skill as the linchpin for improving the care of patients with serious illness.

The deck can be downloaded and used to advocate with the C-suite and other decision makers within the organization. Download the presentation here.

Download Presentation

The Case for Improving Communication Skills Training

This VitalTalk on-demand webinar describes the importance of high-quality communication with seriously ill patients. It is foundational for any frontline clinician interested in improving his or her communication skills.

The webinar is presented by Dr. Anthony Back, cofounder of VitalTalk.

Watch Webinar

A Message from Atul Gawande: Improving Communication Skill Means Improving Care

This short video introduction to the Communication Skills Pathfinder explains the importance and impact of high-quality communication with seriously ill patients.

Watch it to get started and use it to help make the case at an organizational level.

Watch Video